1963 Ford Galaxie Wheels for High Performance Models


After fifty years in my possession, the wheels from the 1963 Galaxie I had back in the day have a new home. It turns out I needn't have advertised them. A friend, who had known about them well before I placed ads in Hemmings Motor News and on hemmings.com, emailed me in July (2017) to say that he had just struck a deal to buy one of the rarest of the rare 427 cars, and that it needed my wheels. Great! I hope he is happy with them.

David G. Fox
July 6, 2016

For sale at $X,XXX.XX for the set of four, plus shipping.
I know, crazy, huh. We'll see what happens.
email: davidgfox@ibric.net

In spring, 1970, I removed the original wheels from my 1963 Ford Galaxie (serial number 3J68R171087). These were 15x5.5 wheels, as used on high performance Fords in the early 1960's. I replaced them with then new 15x7 Ford wheels, the standard black wheels used on Boss 302 and Boss 429 Mustangs not ordered with the styled wheel upgrade. I have hung on to the 5.5 inch wheels lo these many years, but, unfortunately, not the Galaxie.

When I purchased the Galaxie, the hubcaps were missing. From the photos below, you can tell the car had full caps at some point, but I don't know if they were the factory Ford spinner type. At this point, no matter.

The following photos show the condition of the wheels on July 6, 2016. They are rank ordered, A-D, based on subjective assessment of appearance. Wheels C and D where stored for a short time under unfortunate conditions, and show a bit more surface rust. I have shown wheel D to a couple of restorer types, and they felt it was sound, just needing to be properly cleaned up.

People tell me that I should have the wheels sand-blasted and then put them on ebay. If I were restoring a car that needed these wheels, I would much rather acquire them in the condition shown, so I would know exactly what I was getting and could treat them as needed. Powder coating may be the way to go, but I would worry about losing the Ford logo and K-H stampings on the wheel centers. All four have those stampings. All four measure 3 and 15/16 inch back spacing.

Overall, front and back.

Wheel center logos.

A-D fronts

A-D backs

Different lighting

At least when improperly stored, C & D had tires on them. All of the wells look good.


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